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When a woman is in her late teens with two small children 14 months apart, she is sure she will die before the laundry is done.
There is never a time when you can’t get up a load to wash. If not, by some strange incident it did happen, just wait an hour and there would be enough.
I decided Monday is called wash day by many women because they take Sunday off but that actually just makes Monday double wash day.
I didn’t have a dryer until Tammi was 6 ½, Terri was 5½ and Gary was a newborn.
Usually, the girls were responsible for putting their own clean folded clothes away.
By the time Tammi was in the 10th grade, I decided that it was time for her to learn to do her own laundry entirely. Since Terri was only 14 months younger, she could learn also. I showed them how to sort the clothes, (careful to explain why) how to use the washer, how much detergent to put in, and how to use the dryer.
They did a good job and soon they were ironing every stitch they put on. (Thank You Jesus!).
When they left home, I felt I had done a good job of training them to do laundry.
I followed suit with Gary when he was in the 10th grade. He did have a couple of pink shirts in the beginning, but he can iron a shirt better than I can.
When he went off to college, he somehow forgot how to wash. He would step off the plane with the largest piece of luggage he could carry. It was loaded with dirty laundry. He had one bag dedicated to socks. Because I was so glad he was home, I did his laundry like he was three again.
Today, I wash about five loads a week instead of a day.
I couldn’t believe I would ever say this but I miss those days of endless laundry.
I love reading books written by Beverly Lewis. They are set in Amish Country and always have happy endings. Anyway, I was reading her latest book and there was a scene where they talked about how the Amish teach their children that household chores are fun especially when they do them together.
I don’t think my children ever thought laundry was fun.

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Birdfeeder Update

I couldn’t understand why we didn’t have birds feasting at our feeder. I decided to go to the store for a different feeder and different seed. This time cheaper ones.
Still no birds.
Then eureka, Jeni was right when she encouraged me to have patience, they would come.
In a few days the birds came and brought their friends.
I’m going back to the store for a double hanger … and … more seed.


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            Cherry Snow is a favorite dessert of my family and many who enter our door.  I fix it because it is good, lite, and easy.

            A few years ago, I answered my phone.  Ginny, Inge Cole’s mother was calling from Washington state.  Inge was graduating from college and had asked her mother to cook a ‘southern’ dinner for a few of her friends.  Her dessert of choice was Cherry Snow.  Ginny needed the recipe.

            Inge is considered a member of the family by everyone who has a vote and a few who don’t.  Before she went to college in Washington, she attended The University of Alabama where she met our daughter, Terri.

Inge’s home was in Texas so for Spring break that year, she came home with Terri.  They spent the week sleeping, going to the beach, watching movies, and sitting in the kitchen laughing, talking, and eating.  I cooked Teri’s favorite foods because that is what I love to do for family.

Inge fit right in.  So much so that the next year when Terri had dropped out of college and taken a job near Chicago, Inge came back to our house for her Spring break.

            She has visited us many times since then and our children, all three of them, have visited her.

This weekend, she is in New Orleans on business and the kids are going down to see her.  We all love her.

            And that is how Inge Cole became a member of this Brady clan.

            Now back to the Cherry Snow.  We served it for Mother’s Day and I thought yall would like the recipe.

I pulled the recipe from the old yellow metal card file box with flowers painted on it.  At the top of the card was written, “Cherry Snow from Jan Mackey, 8-25-81.  That is almost 29 years ago.  I had forgotten that Jan shared it with me.

            Jan another life long friend I met because she lived near my Bible-study-sisters, Vicki, Loretta, and Shelia. Our friendship story is for another day.

            Who would have thought that a young girl from Texas would become so dear to us in Alabama.

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Cherry Snow

Cherry Snow

From the kitchen of Jan Mackey

1 can Cherry Pie Filling

1 lg. cream cheese, softened

1 lg. Cool Whip thawed in refrigerator

1 cup milk

1 Angel Food Cake

9 X 13 glass pan

Tear the angle food cake into bite size pieces and drop into the pan.

In a deep bowl, mix softened cream cheese and milk.

Fold in Cool Whip.

Pour over the angle food cake.

Drop spoonfuls of pie filling over the cake.

Don’t worry; It will not cover the cake completely.

Chill for several hours before serving.

I have used sugar free cake, lite pie filling and lite cream cheese, and 1% milk.

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Weather Song

When my children were young, we sang a song about the weather.

Part of it I remember:

It’s a happy day and I praise God for the weather.

It’s a happy day. I’m gonna live it for my Lord.

It’s a happy day. Tomorrow is gonna be better.

I’m gonna live each day by the promises in God’s Word.

In His Word He tells us rejoice again I say rejoice, lift your hands shout and sing


When it was raining or hot, we would change the weather line from happy day to yucky day.

As we along the Gulf coast watch an oil slick the size of Puerto Rico floating north, I heard a snippet of good news.  The rain coming down is flowing from the rivers and creeks into the Gulf and that is helping push the oil slick away.

Wow, the song in action.  Sometimes a yucky day is a blessing.

We are praying the oil will go out away from ALL shorelines and stay there until it is cleaned up.

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