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My Ducks

My Ducks

I consider myself an ordinary woman.

I’m not talking about one of those women who have their Christmas presents purchased and wrapped by September 1st. You know who you are and I admire you for it.

I desire to have order in my life and in my home. Somehow order is something that seldom happens.

Right now on a Sunday afternoon, last week’s laundry is hanging beside the dryer and the ironing board is put up waiting for me to press it. There is mail on the breakfast table and a wadded up suit is lying across Big Granddaddy’s rocker waiting to be taken to the cleaners.

            I wake up in the morning with coffee in one hand (It takes the coffee to bring me fully awake). In the other hand is a calendar filled with my daily activities. It usually looks so nice and neat there in my hand, but it is a deception.

            With my daily plans organized, I usually watch Joyce Meyer while I drink my coffee. Next, is to read my bible and pray. I read my e-mails and daily online IDOK devotion written by my friend Kathie.

Then about 9:30 I call my mother. We talk about how she feels and if she needs anything. I tell her a funny story about one of her great-grandchildren.  She tells me the latest assisted living facility gossip.

            Afterwards I go to my list and get started.  If it is Monday I sort the wash, if it’s Tuesday there is Bible Study, and so on.

            Sometimes my doorbell rings and it is one or more of the children who have lived next door most of their lives. They are very pleasant and well mannered children. I stop whatever I am doing so we can catch-up.

They tell me about milestones in their life. Gracie got to bring home the class frogs. James is going on a camping trip with his Boy Scout troop. Kayla is having trouble with her sewing machine and needs my help.

It is important to me to treat them special and give them a little time because they are special to me.

Then the phone will ring with someone who just needs a listening ear or a dish needs to made and dropped off at the church. Maybe it is a brochure that needs to be labeled and mailed.

What do all these things do to my order? Some might call them interruptions, but I consider them to be part of who I am … a person who loves people and sincerely cares about them.

            I have been described by friends as a woman who likes all her ducks gathered and in a row. Right now I don’t even know where my ducks are. I’m about to go out looking for them.

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