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A few weeks ago, Wayne and I found ourselves in a rare situation, having a little free time. We decided to veer off the main path on our way home from Tuscaloosa. 

Along the way, we stopped to look at some old wagons and take a few photos.

As we were about to move on, a young woman stopped to ask if we knew where there was a gas station because she needed gas and had no idea where she was.

With only a little knowledge of the area ourselves, we made a plan. We would follow her until we found gas. If she ran out, we would take her to get gas and bring her back to the car.

It took a while but we found gas at an unlikely place. She filled her car and we stood beside her, protecting her from fear.

She said she had seen others, but was afraid to stop because she was concerned for her and the baby’s safety.

Her name was Yolanda. Her husband was working out of town and she and their baby went to visit him.

Her GPS had taken her on a different route as she returned home. That was why she was almost out of gas with no knowledge of where she was.

She thanked us and we were on our separate ways.

The main purpose of our side trip, we thought, was for relaxation and the pleasure of seeing some old wagons.

Instead, it was to be a help and comfort to Yolanda and her baby.

When God sends an angel to help, I am always grateful and excited that He loved me enough to rescue me.

When God allows us to be the angel to someone else, I am humbled.

I Peter 5:6 (NAS) Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time.

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As I post this, we are in the middle of the heat of a southern summer. Those leaves outside are not changing because it is Fall, but because of the heat, brisk showers, and more heat followed by the steam-like vapors that have permeated the existence we have been living for weeks. With daily temperatures in the high 90s, a 92 is celebrated as a cold spell.

Some say it is the heat that has us sluggish, while others say it is the humidity. I say it is the heat and humidity mixed together.

Looking out my window, I see the Ginger Lilies. They are parched and some are lying on the ground. Yet they are blooming. Their clusters of white blooms turn upward releasing their gardenia-like fragrance.

If this is true of this plant, how much more of us?

When we are parched, in need of nourishment, looking half dead, we can still bloom, and give off a sweet smelling fragrance … while our faces and hearts are turned upward.

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