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Soup and Friends

There is nothing like homemade soup to bring comfort and warmth on a cold damp day. We all have our favorites. Mine are Santa Fe Soup and Potato. Wayne likes my Chicken Noodle best.
Every December, I set aside a day for lunch with friends.
I call two or three and tell them the date and they pick up from there by calling others. Often, there will be a soon-to-be-friend that I don’t know yet who comes. I love it that my already friends know that it is completely OK with me.
We have a good time “catching up.” It is always a surprise who comes. There have been as many as 23 and as little as 8.
Our schedule is very flexible. Friends come and go as they can with the first arriving at 11 a.m. and the last leaving about 3 p.m.
They insist that we keep the same menu, two kinds of soup, Potato and Santa Fe. They bring everything else.
Most of us don’t see each other at any other time during the year now. At some time in our lives, we saw each other often. Shelia and I saw each other daily when the kids were small. Carol and I saw one another sometimes twice a week when we were on the Women’s Aglow board in Mobile. Cheryl lives across the street. We wave in passing as we scurry to work or church, pick up each other’s mail, and keep a watch on our houses, but we seldom get to visit.
Friends really don’t care whether my house is spotless or not, they just like being together at my house.
I suggest you try some version of this with your friends, neighbors, or co-workers. It is one of my favorite times with friends.

Several have asked for ‘my’ recipe for Santa Fe soup, so it is now in the Recipe section of the blog.

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