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Sharing Recipes and Wisdom

An article in our local newspaper by David Holliway, Food Editor, brought up the question, “Why have we dropped recipes that at one time were family favorites.”
My answer, “Probably time or fat/sugar/salt content.”
In our race to do 30 hours of work in a 20 hour span has caused many to evade the kitchen for the fast food drive through.
Sure there is a comeback to cooking, especially on weekends. We see commercials with men in their aprons around their big grills and women making salads…
During the week it is rush to work, rush to practice, dance, ball practice, gym, meetings, etc. you get or live the idea I’m trying to relay. Those activities, while good, suck up our family’s home time.
Time when we went home after school and changed clothes, did our homework, and went out to play until called in to eat.
When I grew up, supper was at home and McDonald’s was for the weekend and not every weekend at that. Now it is easier to run through a drive through to get to the above stuff.
Holloway talked last week about old favorites like Watergate Salad. This week he had a recipe from the 1966 Pilsbury Bake-off. The second place winner first introduced the bunt pan as a household necessity.
I have an old Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook I received for hosting a Stanley Party. It has many adjustments penciled in and food splatters on favorite pages and pages not only torn but worn down on the edges. I still refer to it for some of the ‘old’ recipes.
Jennie during one of our phone calls asked if my old cookbook had the recipe for Apple Betty, something she made for her kids when they were little. She couldn’t remember the recipe and wanted to make it for them again and do just like we were talking about above, renew old memories. The old BH&G came through once again.
Hey, I’m not condemning the drive through. I remember when my home town got their first McDonalds and had only sold one million burgers.
I went through Chick-fil-a just today for a milk shake lunch with my Mother. She calls it, “Connie’s Place”. The junior high school classmate of mine owns it.
For this reason, I added a recipe page to this blog because they were old family favorites or quick and easy, but always voted “Good” by my family.
Last week, I made the crock pot roast and hurt myself eating too much of it at one time.
I welcome you to send some of your favorites for additions to the page. That is what we women have done for years, share with friends secrets to being a better wife (he will eventually pick up his socks or you will just pick them up and forget about it), mother (Honey, my Joey did that same thing), sister, daughter (Your Mom means well), friend and cook (Try it. They will love it).

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