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Clutter or Treasure

I am trying to clean out some clutter, but it is hard for me. I tend to keep things that I consider special. I decided if I would throw away some things now and keep a few I couldn’t part with maybe next time I could toss more.
As I plundered through my office closet, I found a tray full of old cards.
I was able to toss a few.
A few of the ones I kept:
Happy Mother’s Day! Mom, someday I want to be just like you … a woman with an incredibly perfect daughter. Today she has three of them.
It’s Mother’s Day, and I want you to know that even when I pouted and whined and slammed my door … I never, ever stepped on a crack.
Look at it this way … without these trials, testing of your faith, working of your patience, and fighting the Good Fight … Life would be boring.
Mom. They may have cut the umbilical cord … But no one will ever get through the phone cord. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Terri
For My Aunt. Anyone can give things … but it takes someone who’s really special to give time, understanding, caring and love. With all my thanks for all the times you’ve been so good to me. Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Angie
A Mother’s Day card with the sender’s names perfectly written, Tammi, Paul, Brady, Courtney and Whitney. In the top left hand corner are five letters written by a kindergartener, B R A D Y.
Now how could I ever throw these away?

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