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Teaching by Example

Vivian and Billy have been blessed with three beautiful daughters. The youngest, Madison and Morgan, are six-year-old twins who they are raising to be individuals as well as enjoying the uniqueness of being matchins.

They are training them to live by Christian principles with polite manners and good old common sense (which my husband says is not so common anymore).

            They are now in school and learning even more about the world they live in plus dealing with others who may have been taught differently.

            Recently Billy and Madison decided to prepare dinner for the family. They planned their menu and headed to the grocery store with their list.

            They gathered their items and went to the check-out. While in line to purchase their items, a woman pulled her cart in line ahead of them. Madison, remembering what she had been taught by her parents and in school, confronted the woman.

            “Hey lady, you can’t do that,” Madison said.

            The woman replied that she was in a hurry to get home and cook dinner for her husband.

            “Well my Dad and I are cooking for my Mother,” Madison said.

            The woman continued to argue with the child and remained in line.

            When I heard about this, I was so proud of Madison and her parents. They have taught their children to do what is right and to expect others to do the same no matter their age.

            The woman who would break in line and then argue with a child who confronted her was wrong, let alone setting a poor example.

I mean was she raised by a pack of wolves?

We teach our children to respect adults, but where was this woman’s manners?

I guess she didn’t know about it taking a village to raise a child or understand the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

            We who still believe in Christian principles, just plain old common sense and courtesy must not be afraid to stand our ground and help teach those who haven’t learned these principles of how to live in our world.

            When our children were growing up, we did the best we knew how to teach them these solid principles. Yes, we made many mistakes but our heart was to raise them to be good and responsible adults. I am thankful to say they are today.

            Let us all help others by remembering that actions speak louder than words and there are always little ears listening and watching how adults behave.

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